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Read how RaptorPM construction project management software helps you track, monitor and optimize every construction project down to the finest detail.

RaptorPM understands that today's construction environment means tighter budgets and regulations can result in big demands on construction companies, project managers and workers. Use our construction project management software for project task and project tracking. A complete suite of project tools that will help complete any size construction project.

Construction project management is very focused, results oriented discipline which focuses on areas such as a projects time, risk factors, scope and budget constraints. With tighter margins and even penalty clauses it has become even more important to get all tasks done correctly the first time. This demands that the construction project manager has a 24/7 overview of all the key data, deadlines and milestones while the project is in progress. But there are even more demands, as a carefully constructed project analysis and detailed planning activity is vital in ensuring delivery within the project definition.

Task and Project Tracking with RaptorPM construction project management software
Stay On Schedule

Cloud based centralized tools enable you to keep every project on track – whether you’re on-site or in the office

Shared Access

Cloud based centralized tools enable you to keep every project on track – whether you’re on-site or in the office

Manage Multiple Projects

Track and monitor multiple project KPIs and update project progress all in one platform


Construction project management starts with a detailed project plan. At the core of every commercial construction and engineering management projects is project time frames and associated levels of dependencies. The role of any project manager is to maintain an overview of all the different tasks, deadlines and resources as set out in the plan. This becomes critical when changes to any aspect of the construction project plan can affect many other aspects due to related/unrelated dependencies. Managing a multitude of tasks and tracking progress against milestones really does require working with a construction project tracking and management software. Features such as dynamic Gantt planning and charts that visualizes the construction project plan will ensure tasks, deadlines and resource capacities are managed. 

As every project manager, will tell you, the holy grail of successful construction project management is anticipating potential problems before they occur. RaptorPM construction project management software will act as an early warning system, this empowers the construction project manager to flag any potential risks early on. A system that highlights issues and risks giving the project manager enough time to intervene before any serious overruns to the project is done. Now with a complete construction project plan visible online including document control, the construction project team can identify any high-risk project stages during the project planning phase. This gives the entire construction project team time to work out alternative solutions and plans of action which mitigates any project challenges.