7 Signs you need Construction Management Software

Are you using construction management software? These 7 signs can show you how it can transform the way you deliver construction projects. The nature of the construction industry is changing as technology and materials drive different challenges. In today's environment profit margins are down, compliance increases and the need to streamline every task is a constant battle.

Technology has changed the way we do things. Automate time consuming processes and procedures that make your life as a project manager easier. You may think how is that going to help you on a construction project. But, there are many ways you can digitize work processes and procedures to speed up the work and cut costs.

If you relate to any of the following, maybe it is a sign you need to invest in construction management software.


Common construction project challenges

When work is frustrating, fraught with never-ending challenges, you need to rethink the way you do things. You need construction management software. Here are some common challenges construction projects face every day:

  • Difficulties tracking the schedule. Are you still using spreadsheets to setup work schedules?

  • Lack of consistency for verifying finished work.

  • There is no way of tracking potential issues. This can result in major project hold ups because you find out too late to avoid the consequences.

  • Team members rely on outdated information and documents. There is no central system for team members to access the latest information as they work.

  • No record of who did what on the project.

  • There is only an Excel spreadsheet to show a client how the project is tracking.

  • Key project milestones come and go without completion.

  • Using different software for different parts of the project without them being linked together.

  • Costs keep going up or there are penalties for missed milestones.

If you relate to any or all these, then it is time to install construction software to help you stay ahead to deliver on time and on budget. Construction management software is a good long-term investment for the business.

More data to track

Modern technology, designs and processes in construction delivery means there is more data to track. With the advancement of building technology, it is more important than ever to keep up with changes. This is far easier to achieve by deploying industry specific software that helps manage all aspects of your construction project. It should also act as a central storage system for all project documents, meaning everyone has easy online access 24/7. This then links in to the overall project schedule, where anyone can run an analyze to see the impact of changes.

Lack of transparency

Using old project management techniques can mean your project progress has a lack of transparency. It takes good analysis from before you start building to after completion to achieve success. Good construction management software gives you real-time tracking of tasks and activities. This makes it easy to see how each project is progressing so you can keep it moving trouble free.

Scheduling work and tasks

Having trouble keeping track of who is doing what? Construction project management software takes care of work schedules. At a click of the mouse you can assign tasks, budgets, and timelines to your team. Construction software can alert and solve any issues with things like the unavailability of equipment, shortage of warehouse space, missing equipment, staff shortages and miscommunication. Using construction management software is a faster way to manage construction projects. It can make life stress-free.

Drowning in disorganization

Are you drowning in disorganization doing things the old way? You keep missing milestones and have no idea how the project is tracking. Is this costing the company in penalties for not completing milestones on time?

It is time to get organized. Use construction management software to put your life and project back on track. It will give your project a structure with a detailed schedule of tasks, a budget and completion dates. When a process finishes or changes, everyone involved gets notified with automatic updates. There are so many people involved in a construction project – architects, subcontractors, designer, suppliers and stakeholders. Project software gives everyone the information they need to complete tasks on time and on budget.


Poor cost estimates

When you find your cost estimates fall short there must be a better way. Using technology takes the guesswork out of costing. It helps to manage the budget, cost changes, extra costs and any cost cutting.

Construction management software can do all this and more. It can resolve, generate and submit invoices when setup to do this automatically.

Construction projects work on tight budgets, so you cannot afford to make financial mistakes. These can be disastrous for a project resulting in costing the bottom line money. Construction software tracks accounts payable and receivable, and maintains your financial data securely.

Moving to the cloud

No longer do you have the security or management issues of databases. Construction project management software moves everything to the cloud. This means that when you update something it updates across all views. Everyone with permission can view information permanently stored in the cloud. All they need is a smartphone or suitable device.

So, now is the time to change from the old way of doing things if you do not already use construction management software.

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