Construction Project Management Templates

Construction project management templates can be utilized for the typical repeatable tasks in construction and building projects. These templates, once created can be accessed for task such as contract sign-offs, construction cost estimating, risk assessments, o and m manuals, permits and other documentation.

Construction project management templates are not just time saving but they can do many other related important actions, so these already developed templates makes construction management more convenient and easier to manage.

Construction project management can be a complex process with lots of variable inputs and outcomes. Apart from assigning the many different tasks, in includes managing all the construction stages with set deliverables, milestones and many other crucial elements. Managing such a complex set of actions and tasks can become a real challenge for the project manager. The deployment of templates can speed outcomes and influence the successful completion of any construction project.

Project management templates can assist in the planning, coordinating, scheduling and building of a construction project from conception to completion. They help the project manager to ensure that all stages in the construction plan is executed correctly from start to finish. They also can help drive the project from the initial planning through to the final sign-off by the client.

Developing a Construction Project Management Plan

Developing a detailed, robust construction project management plan is similar to creating a road map that guides all stakeholders and operators through all the phases of the project. The end results, is a series of formal documents covering all aspects of the project deliverable that then requires the approval from the client. It also details out how the construction project will be executed and controlled.

The use of project management templates can be utilized across all aspects of the construction plan, including:

  • The Business Benefits - What will be the ROI (return on investment) of the project.

  • Planning Permission - The approval and compliance with building and regulatory codes.

  • Construction Project Description - Outline in detail what the project is and how the plan will ensure successful execution.

  • Documenting the PM and Team – From who is leading the project, the contractors, sub-contractors, advisors and who will make up the various teams executing the plan.

  • The Construction Project Design - The plans, blueprints and other drawings detailing the build which can be accessed by all relevant parties.

  • Bidding and Contract Stage: Templates are great for the different bidding methods, and contract forms.

  • Outlining the Construction Process: Templates can be deployed to document activities and the resources required to make the whole project a reality.

  • O&M Manuals, Occupation and Defects Liability: Apart from outlining the process the client takes once possessing of the project passes to them, templates can be used for a whole range of handover documents including manuals, operations, schedules and maintenance guides.

  • Templates to Evaluate After Occupation: Templates to document and record what worked and didn’t over the course of the project.

The use of construction project management templates in unison with a Project Management Software is a powerful tool in the project-oriented construction industry. From managing multiple dependencies, managing and co-coordinating new or amended work requests mid-project, scheduling multiple teams or contractors, monitoring budget control, the use of project management tools can be the difference between overruns or on-time success. The combination of ready to use templates and project management software not only drives efficiency but also insures communication instruction are easy to share.

Construction project management templates will assist the project managers with data gathering, alongside the analytical processes from project estimation to project completion. The controlling of costs, risks, resources and time elements of any construction or engineering project requires dynamic, up-to-date information with tools that support speedy decision making. Construction project solutions such as RaptorPM will provide insights to project managers that ensures construction project controls success with a suite of tools to guide every project from open to close, knowing that by using templates and software, construction project managers will achieve the best outcome.

​Collaborative and integrated construction project tools from templates, to risk assessments, health and safety, O and M manuals and project controls are a critical factor of success in providing innovative construction management solutions.

​RaptorPM gives the construction project manager a comprehensive suite of construction project controls, free construction project templates , monitoring and project control tools that determine critical tasks, manage people and resources, control the impact of changes, document control, risks and optimizing scheduling, forecasting and delivery time-frames.

​So construction project management templates can help the project manager to plan, manage and make timely and informed decisions across all stages of the construction project.

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