Construction Project Management Software for Builders

Construction project management software for builders and contractors or “CPM software” in short, is the use of project management software specific to construction projects covering commercial, residential, oil and gas, industrial, civil and environmental.


The reasons and demands to use a construction management software within the AEC industry are well documented at this stage with clear ROI benefits for all parties. With free trials, on-boarding help and SaaS pricing models, selecting a construction management software for builders is not an overly complicated process and can have a major impact to the contractors or builder’s business.

The software will easily allow construction project managers to specify plans and objectives, to ensure resource efficiency, in managing tasks, to control budgets and as a shared communication platform for all stakeholders. Construction project management while unique in its own challenges share many of the similarities found in the management of projects in other industries such as software, health and the pharmaceutical sectors. Take for instance, every construction project has the requirement to reach certain objectives within the constraints of a schedule, budget and quality targets, much the same as say a project management program in the health industry.

Construction project management software for builders opens up a range of benefits from risk assessments, O and M manual templates to full project autonomy. Add to this the ability to seamlessly share project documents with 24/7 access from anywhere and through any type of WIFI enabled device allows everyone in the project team to be instantly updated. The major benefit to a construction project manager is document and status access to all involved in the project while removing the hassle of creating documents manually. This makes it so much easier to maintain the correct document versions for the project plus ensuring that document archiving and maintenance, happens without human intervention.

Construction project management software also helps the builders and contractors to completely manage all aspects of a construction project from start to finish including health and safety, risks, asset register, task assignments and cost control. It is also a great tool for productivity via online collaboration instead of meetings and it gives all project stakeholders an input into the process.

Construction project management software such as RaptorPM is used by a board range of companies from general building contractors, oil and gas, engineering firms, and specialty AEC subcontractors. Acting as a central communication tool, it allows everyone who needs to post updates, keep abreast of changes or report back on progress on any construction project including project managers, site managers, architects, engineers, surveyors and the various subcontractors.

It is all about giving construction project teams the tools to communicate more effectively, make decisions faster, resolve issues quickly, share updates instantly, resulting in a faster and more efficient project delivery framework.

RaptorPM construction project management software helps building and contracting companies to increase project efficiency and accountability to project sponsors via vastly improved communication and documentation sharing which ultimately saves on expenses and boosts profit margins. The outcome is that construction professionals get to collaborate on projects from any device with internet access so they can action all project documents, contracts, RFIs, submittals, schedules, drawings, manuals, construction risk assessment and deliver project excellence every time.

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