Construction Task and Project Tracking

Construction task and project tracking is challenging at the best of times. There are so many moving parts in a construction project that even one missed task can impact the whole project plan. This can be challenging and made more so without the right use of tools.

Construction task and project tracking is about putting the project manager firmly in control. So, how do construction project managers organize all the moving pieces of a project into one unified plan?


Well, it's a combination of experience, skill, knowledge and using project management tools.

How often to do you find your construction project running over time or budget? Without the right tools, it is impossible to keep track of all you need to do. At every stage of a construction project, milestones and budgets need close monitoring to ensure you stay on track. Schedules need regular updating and compared to the baseline schedule over and over again during a project.

This is where the use of construction project management software could prove invaluable. It should make construction task and project tracking easy., plus using the right tools takes the stress out of keeping construction projects on track.

Here are some of the things construction task and project tracking tools can do for you.

Manage project changes

Regardless of the construction project, there are always changes. Change orders if not executed correctly and on time, can be costly. And, when they get lost in the system it can cause serious hold ups to a project. Time is money – remember. Using software that tracks change orders from start to the billing cycle removes this risk from your project.

Subcontractors usually need input into change orders, so storing them in central database for them to access makes it easy. All they have to do is log in to make their changes to the price or submit invoices or updated plans and drawings. These are tracked online with easy access for all involved in the change process. One less thing for a project manager to worry about unless the system alerts to a problem.

The same goes for the general contractor. Construction task and project tracking software can simplify the interactions between them and the stakeholders. The system submits change orders for approval and reduces the time it takes to get things signed.

Better time management

Without an ability for transparent construction project tracking you run the risk of running out of time. You can lose so much time can if you are not on top of everything. Staff waiting for materials, change orders, plans, tools, equipment and instructions are a huge cost to a project if not kept under control.

Use construction project tracking so employees out on the site can enter time-card information while on the job. This gives you the tool to track work productivity daily against the schedule. You can assign the work to the relevant cost code to alert to a billing status.

This provides you with a clear picture of how the project is tracking. It also gives you the information required to make decisions, assign work tasks and quote on future projects.

Construction project tracking means you can see the productivity of your workers. With this information, you make the right decisions.


Identify potential problems

Construction task and project tracking will help you to identify potential problems as part of a risk matrix. There can be things like having the right materials on site at the right time, meeting deadlines for inspections and sign offs or even trouble getting the right equipment to the site. All these have the potential to block a construction project’s progress.

Your software can track these by implementing the right tool so the relevant people go through a submittal process so you can avoid the problems. It need to be set up correctly so it functions for your projects. But, you may need field such as the ‘required on site date’ so everyone is aware of turnaround times.

Because an approval process goes through several people there can be places where it gets held up. Your project tracking software can show you where in the process it is held up.

Make punch lists visible

The dreaded construction punch lists. Track a project’s punch list right from the start. The project cannot finish until you complete everything on it. These can be cause for much loss of sleep and stress. When a punch list is not clear it can cause misunderstandings and delays to completing the project.

Use the punch list tools to make a specific list of the what needs completing and how to do it. This type of feature in your toolbox should be mobile compatible and easy to use from a handheld device. Make it interactive so those responsible for completing punch list tasks can make notes against each one. They can even record whether there is an impact to the budget or timeline. Once the system has timelines against tasks, the system sends reminders at appropriate intervals.

This is just a small snapshot of what construction task and project tracking can do for you. When are you going to give your project managers the tools they need for success?

Talk to the experts. Find out how construction project management software can boost your profits with no more missed deadlines.

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