Creating construction project management templates

Construction project management templates can be a project managers best friend as no matter how you look at it, no matter the size, keeping a construction project on track is tough at the best of times. As a project manager, there is constant pressure from all directions. Pressure to manage subcontractors and stay on budget and time, while ensuring you meet legislative requirements. This takes good planning and organisation. What do you use to keep your project on track?

There are online construction management templates that help manage the intricacies of getting everything right. Construction project managers never stay still. Not bound by the rules of a desk job. Managing all the moving parts of a construction project takes a good juggler – of manpower, time, money and a quality product as outcomes.

Are you on the go all the time? Switching between using a tablet, phone and laptop – depending on where you are at the moment. Whether you are talking to construction workers on the fourth floor or stuck in traffic on the way to the work site. There is little time in a day to settle in an office to concentrate. You need instant, fast access to what you need when you need it. It does not matter where you are.

What is construction project management?

Construction project management refers to the planning, coordinating, scheduling and building of a project from conception to completion. It is the role of a project manager to ensure all stages of the construction plan run to schedule from start to finish. They drive the project from initial planning through to final sign-off by the client. When it comes to getting it right the first time, it comes down the project manager’s superior planning and organisation skills.

Construction projects are result-oriented. You need to focus on many things at a time. Just one mistake can cost a deadline with financial penalties for late milestone deliveries. And, the demands continue to grow. Using construction project management templates software is a way to keep everything together with instant access from the Cloud. Data automatically updates and sends warnings if the schedule is in danger of slipping. You can access up-to-date data from any device.

Construction project management templates

Building a house or commercial building is a structured process. You do everything in a specific order. So, it becomes a balancing act. Contractors and materials need to be on site just at the right time. When something goes wrong it can threaten to stop the whole work site. You need a project management tool that goes anywhere with you.

Customisable construction project management templates make all this possible. Stored in the Cloud, you can update and access the information you need in an instant. Construction management templates are to project managers what maps are to explorers – indispensable.

Cost estimate templates

Use construction project management templates to estimate costs. Get all the relevant information you need (such as subcontractor and supplier contact information) together into one place. You can add as much information you like to the estimate. Upload documents so they are easy to access at any time. Even from your phone.

Deadline templates

Timelines are one of the most important things in construction project management. With more than 100 things to manage over the course of a few days, it is hard to stay on top unless you record it straight away. Using construction project management templates to track timelines with a visual view for all who have access. It can become one source of truth for all stakeholders working on the job. This gives everyone ownership of timelines to encourage greater collaboration.

Punch list templates

Use punch list templates to help you assess whether all parts of the contract are met. Using a template can bring all that scattered information you may have on spreadsheets and in emails, together in one place. You can share this between the right people to get an accurate result.

Close-out checklist templates

Using a template for close-out checklists makes sure all obligations are met. These track:

  • contract timelines and close outs

  • warranties and guarantees

  • certificates issued in accordance with legislated regulations

  • results of required tests completed.

If you are still project managing your construction site the old way, you are making life harder than it needs to be. Use construction project management templates and the technology developed specifically for the industry. Download Raptor’s construction project management software now. Try it for free.

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