Construction Risk Management

Construction Risk Management is about Identifying, Preventing and Mitigating costly construction delays and disruptions

Construction risk management is a critical component of any construction project management. This involves a series of activities designed to achieve a specific outcome within a set budget and timescale. Then applying knowledge, skills tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project.

At RaptorPM we understand that your project’s success depends on thorough planning that includes contingencies for your project budget and schedule. Unexpected surprises should not cause budget concerns or create barriers to your business innovations.

Our Construction Project Management Software delivers a clear, quantified review of the risks associated with the cost, performance and scheduling of any of your projects. This enables you to work to effective timescales with realistic budgets. As a result, your business and partners will have increased confidence in your management approach and ability to make project decisions with more certainty.

Every construction project management environment is a balancing act between: Quality, Cost and Time

The benefits of the RaptorPM Construction risk management software solutions

Our construction risk management module provides any company with innovative solutions, designed to significantly improve your profit margins. Our software delivers effective risk management, helping you to:

  • Evaluate your contingency and budget requirements at any time

  • Confidentially assess your cash draw-down requirements

  • Reduce production costs

Construction Risk Management Planning


Project Definition

Statement of need

Business case


Organisational Risk Requirements

Current organisational Risk Management Methodology


Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

documented and indicate the decision-making process


Stakeholder Risk Tolerances

Different tolerances for risk

Identifying the risk tolerances of the different stakeholders will enable the project team to prioritise and respond appropriately to project risk


Template for Risk Management Plan

Pre-defined risk management plan templates

Construction Risk Management Methodology as part of RaptorPM Project Management Software

Construction Risk Management Planning

Construction Risk Identification

Risk Prioritization

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Risk Response Planning

Risk Tracking and Control