Project Risk Assessment and Project Risk Management Software

RaptorPM is a complete set of project risk assessment and project risk management software for the construction, engineering and oil/gas industries in one platform that is easy to use, integrates with all project methodologies while capable of covering the complete risk life cycle, all at industry leading price.

Our construction project management software offers a structured way to assess risk across any project including contractors, vendors, equipment, functions, products or service providers. A complete web-based enterprise risk assessment software solution to allow the PM team to centralize and integrate assessment information. RaptorPM allows you to spend more time analyzing data for informed decision making.

Project risk assessment and management is an ongoing process, one which involves the continued evaluation of risks, leading to the development of strategies, plans and policies to minimize any adverse impact, which in turn should bring advantages and benefits to the project delivery.

In the past, project teams would struggle with conventional project management tools that were just not equipped for the modern, risk aware enterprise who run sophisticated projects. Until - RaptorPM.

RaptorPM is a fully featured, robust, secure and easy-to-use project risk assessment and management tool that cover all aspects of project risk. Our solutions allow project managers and teams to effectively carry out risk identification, risk analysis and to conduct risk response planning including:

  • Risk root cause analysis

  • Identification Analysis

  • Exposure assessment

  • Response assessment

  • Checklist analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Risk characterization

  • Expected monetary value analysis (EMV)

  • Cost risk analysis

  • Cause and effect data

  • System and process mapping

  • Probability and impact matrix

  • Risk categorization

  • Data gathering and representation techniques

  • Quantitative risk analysis

Plus RaptorPM, as a cloud based platform enables the project teams to carry out critical risk management tasks in a timely, focused, unified and organized manner across time zones and geographies.