Construction Quality and Safety Management

RaptorPM provides a complete construction quality and safety management solution in our Project Management Software which have been designed to help companies in the construction industry manage their operational, business and contractor safety challenges.

Quality control and safety during construction work, is a company's ability to deliver a quality product in a safe manner is the key to business success. Sound occupational health and safety policies are essential for employees, but they are also increasingly important for your customers and other stakeholders.

When working in a high risk industry such as construction, it is vital that you keep an up-to-date and accurate health and safety records plus implement a construction quality and safety management system. With RaptorPM construction quality and safety management as part of our overall construction project management software, we ensure that you can easily log the date, time and location of injuries, as well as track the progress and impact of new safety procedures to allow for a safer and more regulated working environment.


Many organizations use RaptorPM to implement a Health and Safety Management System as an integrated part of their risk management strategy to address legislation and protect their workforce and other persons working under their direction.


Working with RaptorPM construction project management software solutions including your quality control, health and safety controls will promote a safe and healthy working environment on site. We give construction project management owners the ability to configure the RaptorPM project software to meet your specific training needs and the flexibility to manage your own system."

  • Monitor safety training, licensing and associated certifications

  • Simplify compliance for permits and reporting needs

  • Manage site safety from work safety observations to worker or task injury rates

  • Always on quick access to all your critical information

Clearly define and communicate safety

Document and communicate safety compliance, safety policies and procedures through structured training in one central system.

RaptorPM Construction Project Management Software solutions include:
  • Document Control

  • Training Management

  • Communication Management

  • Safety Meetings Management

  • Management Review

  • Audits Management