About RaptorPM

RaptorPM is a collaborative project delivery solution for the AEC industries. Developed by experienced project managers for people who understand value and execution for their organizations across projects.

We make project delivery more achievable.

RaptorPM is a secure, scalable project management platform, bringing together project management, risk management, scheduling and workflow management and collaboration tools that allows users to deliver on their projects without hampering their productivity. PM managers, contractors, sub-contractors, partners, clients and anyone involved can easily track project progress, communicate the data and contribute to project success.

The combination of our RaptorPM software and experienced project management team enables AEC organizations to deliver 24/7 real-time project control and visibility across all projects across all locations. RaptorPM suite of modules are highly configurable to each customer’s specific business processes.

We help move AEC industries forward.

Whether it is an oil and gas project, decommissioning a plant or building a power station, using RaptorPM allows the user to connect and engage to make a meaningful contribution to project success. Project progress is not just clarified, it’s accelerated. AEC organizations of all sizes, across the globe already rely on RaptorPM to help engage their community of project users and move their business forward.

RaptorPM is headquartered in Ireland with local offices in the UK, Australia and USA.

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