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Project delivery software for construction,builders and engineering companies. A complete suite of project management software tools to deliver on any project size. At RaptorPM, we understand that working in project management is a multi-industry skill. Today, thanks to standardization of project management methodologies along with software, can make industry switching almost seamless for a project manager. Regardless of the industry, most project managers would say that sourcing and building a strong team provides a strong platform for the delivery of the project.

Most industries would require the manager to build a collaborative approach to a project, where the team of people with the right skills are given the trust to deliver in their given area of expertise within the project. As a project manager within your industry you need to have the mechanism and project delivery software in place to listen to your team, capture comments and respond to suggestions that will make the project run more smoothly or successfully.

Project Delivery Software for Construction and Builders  Project Management.  Construction project management​ ranges from large scale, commercial construction projects to infrastructure projects and retail or domestic building projects. In fact, the construction industry is regularly referred to as the king of project-driven industries. For a project manager, the roles with the construction industry have similarities usually centered around specific goals (building costs/time, new office building, bridge construction, rail or road developments etc.), project tracking, time constraints and cost achievements.

Due to the result or outcome focused nature of the construction industry, it has one of the highest requirements for skilled project managers when compared to some other industries. A construction project manager can expect exposure to all aspects of project delivery management, including health and safety, document control, risk assessment, contract admin, time and resource management, procurement, supply chain management, quality management and financial milestones, etc. Also, lean construction and the various lean tools that can be used within a construction project can be the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that resources are being used effectively.

These roles often require a high rate of technical and software competence within the construction industry including PMBOK. This has made project management a premium and attractive field for anyone with the requisite skills. With the global upturn in construction activity, there is a constant need for project managers.

The Oil and Gas Project Management Industry. The digital world we live in today is still energy driven. From the Internet, to the houses we live in, electric or fuel powered cars and the offices buildings millions of people work in are powered by one source of energy or another. The energy industry, which is dominated by the production of oil and gas is one of the largest industries in the world today.

Due to the nature and cost of producing this energy source, there are many large-scale projects to be delivered so experienced qualified project managers across the various sectors of the oil and gas industry are in demand.  According to industry figures, there can be over 20,000 vacancies for project managers in the oil and gas sector across the globe. These roles are available due to the demand for constant innovation, minimizing the impact on the environment, the use of more Eco-friendly methods, financial and cost restraints plus a more efficient supply chain. RaptorPM has project delivery software for the AEC industries. 

The oil and gas sector boasts of being one of the most financially rewarding industries for a project manager.