Oil and Gas Project Management Software

Oil and Gas Project Management Software from RaptorPM. Today, due to environmental, financial and legislative pressures, projects in the oil and gas industry face serious challenges. Oil and Gas production has also become increasingly complex and technologically demanding due to schedules and budgets being tight, safety risk factors and every project faces concerns regarding publicity impacts.

RaptorPM oil and gas project management software has an established pedigree working with projects in the oil and gas industry allowing project managers of large projects follow a structured, consistent methodology framework that guides their decisions and processes. These frameworks on RaptorPM include:

• Document and Formalize project phases including checkpoints

• Assign accountability to each member within the integrated project team

• Set up dashboard reports for checks and balances between functions and project teams

• 24/7 Ability to continuous measure project status and monitor risk

RaptorPM allows companies and project managers to continuously improve their general project management outcomes.

RaptorPM Oil and Gas Project Management Software
Create formal Project phases and checkpoints

Easily create decision checkpoints so the project team can review, co-ordinate and decide on project phases completion. To ensure all the project stages remain relevant, the software allows users to continuously revise their stage frameworks to align them with any evolving business conditions.

Clear accountability for the entire project team

Every successful project is built on effective decision making. This means the entire project team has to have clear roles and responsibilities, a shared interest in the project’s objectives, and access to the software tools that drives accountability.

Ability to continuously review and measure project status and monitor risk

Successful project teams need to be able to easily assess project status continually, including formal checkpoints and reviews on stage gates, to ensure they are on track. Integrated dashboard reports can be accessed by senior management to give a top down review of the project, costs and progress. RaptorPM includes workflows so all stakeholders can monitor any projects state of readiness and document flows on suggested changes.

Project competency development across capabilities

RaptorPM project management suite of solutions gives the project team the data to manage trade-offs including costs, schedules, technical demands and stakeholder input while also coordinating between external functions and internal project teams

Risk Assessment and Opportunity

A core set of features in RaptorPM is the ability for a business to manage risk and opportunity. Our software helps project owners to consider not only the most common risks, but also to scenario planning to mitigate unexpected events. We understand that in the oil and gas industry, it has never been more important to manage the health, safety and environmental risks due to legislation and the scrutiny by regulators and other parties. At RaptorPM, we know that risk assessment, identification, and evaluation are continuous processes throughout any projects life cycle, so our project delivery software helps our users  take a systemic approach that considers projects, their phases and all relevant risks.

Implement checks and balances between functions and project teams

RaptorPM oil and gas project management software works with project managers in areas of staffing, scheduling, defining processes, risk management and ensuring control of every aspect of the project activities. It also has features and dashboards to support the project team’s decisions around the projects’ deliverables.