Infrastructure Project Management Software

Infrastructure project management software empowers project managers to deliver both single project success and company wide success in project delivery. Infrastructure projects at a national or regional level provide the opportunity to grow and become more competitive in attracting inward investment and job creation. Infrastructure projects such as airports, railways, roads, highways, power plants, bridges and buildings should also improve the quality of life for people.

Today, without the use of infrastructure project management software, many infrastructure projects will struggle to meet aggressive delivery dates and can also incur significant cost over-runs. With punitive performance clauses and increased competition, the reality is that margins are shrinking so room for error is tight, very tight.

At RaptorPM, our own research points to the inability to deal with unforeseen changes as one of the biggest threats to the on time and within budget completion of infrastructure projects. This can happen when project management teams cannot see the problems in advance. These problems can be planned for using free risk assessment template and development scenarios on our infrastructure project management software platform.

Project information and how a project manager uses it is critical. Visibility is all empowering to any project team. Combine the two put and a company has a winning formula for successful infrastructure project management. Visibility is also simplicity, to understand, to communicate, to collaborate across the many project strands. This leads to outcomes which takes a complex body of work so it becomes clear, transparent, logical and far more easily controlled. Project stages get completed when they are planned and scheduled, monitored and reported.

Project visibility enables better planning, tighter control and improved productivity

Successful project completion follows three key steps:


  1. The project team establishes the strategic direction

  2.  They communicate expectations to all stakeholders

  3.  They implement plans in core project areas including financial control, risk mitigation, operational procedures and project innovation

RaptorPM infrastructure project management software is the leader in cost effective project management solutions for infrastructure, engineering and construction projects. Our suite of project delivery solutions can be applied across multiple teams and locations, enabling full collaboration between all project members and offering instant, always on real-time project data that can be easily understood for prioritizing actions. 

We view project success as the ability of the project team to plot the outcomes of every scenario caused by a whole raft of change factors.

This project success is accelerated by standardization and automation using RaptorPM, ensuring all team members and contractors on every project share the same information at the same time in the same way. Our project software ensures timely project completion, optimum use of assets and resources, a tight handle on budgets and costs, progress measured against phased and planned expenditure plus the ability of the project managers to cope with change as it occurs.

Companies on every continent, turn to RaptorPM project management software and delivery solutions to help them plan better, make informed project management decisions, evaluate risks associated with projects, and in determining if there are sufficient resources with the right skills to accomplish the project. Our full suite of infrastructure project management software solutions provides the project control and visibility capabilities needed to successfully deliver projects on schedule, within budget and to achieve all the intended strategic outcomes.