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Customising Form

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface can be customized to meet an organization’s requirements. Forms can be modified to show only those fields that are required.



Integration with CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports integration with SharePoint online which allows to utilise SharePoint document management feature of SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Documents of the each record in Dynamics CRM can be stored and managed on SharePoint.

  • Create, upload, view, and delete documents on SharePoint from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Use the SharePoint document management abilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as checking the document in and out, viewing version history, and changing document properties.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support & Assistance

We provide a flexible, affordable assistance service to our clients.

  • Remote support available

  • dedicated support team

  • Cost effective

“Thank you very much. You all have been very supportive"

Mike Austin, SPML Australia