Construction Project Software Tools

The term “Construction Management” involves the planning, coordinating, scheduling and building of a project from conception to completion. Then it is the role of a project manager to ensure that all stages in the construction plan is executed correctly from start to finish. They drive the project from the initial planning through to the final sign-off by the client.

The construction industry is estimated to grow by more than 70% to US$15 trillion by 2025

Construction project software from RaptorPM is a full suite online construction project management software solutions that ensures best practices are followed every time, with repeatable, measurable results. RaptorPM construction project software has been designed specifically for the construction and building industry in response to concerns that many of the problems within their industries result from the lack of good tools. Our construction project software provides project managers you with the tools necessary to manage the changing nature of the industry.

Construction Project Management

We understand that construction project software and management tools are key to a construction company’s success. Working with a global base of project managers, our complete suite of construction project management software allows for 24/7 access to your projects data, so making it easier to leverage our software when it comes to making strategic choices on a timely basis. RaptorPM gives the entire project team, contractors and workers a single version of the project ensuring everyone is viewing and sharing the same data.

Some benefits of RaptorPM construction project software:
  • Helping project managers improve operational efficiencies and streamline processes

  • Optimize project communications

  • To keep project managers informed and ensure projects stay profitable

  • 24/7 online access to key information which can be easily retrieved

  • Minimize profit margin erosion by plotting scope changes and cost impacts

  • Allows for the integration with financial systems for reporting

  • Well-designed workflows for processing change orders, subcontracts and PO's

  • Helps the project team to reduce the time spent searching and retrieving documents

  • A software system designed specifically to reflect real world construction workflow and methodologies for well executed. profitable contracts


Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that Construction, whether commercial, residential or industrial, is an industry that relies heavily on organization. Organization that requires a robust set of software tools because with so many moving parts, organization is the defining quality that separates out profitable construction management companies from the rest.

RaptorPM construction project software provides project teams with a level of detail that prevents projects from running over budget through lack of cost control, or from going over time through poorly-timed tasks, inspections or reports. Due to the nature of construction, multiple companies and contractors will need to work together in order to complete even a single task. This is where RaptorPM Construction project software can serve as the solution for

            Document Tracking and Management

            Bid Management/Submittals

            Jobsite Logs

            Resource and worker scheduling

            Job and time Estimation

            Project collaboration

User Friendly Construction Project Management Software 

Our user-friendly interface on RaptorPM construction project management software allows workers with minimal technology exposure to quickly adopt the system, and reduce the time a construction company realizes an ROI. Many of our clients use our construction project software as a selling point when bidding for client projects. Project managers, sub-contractors and workers can be granted access to RaptorPM to view schedules, contract changes, and document changes.