Construction Project Scheduling Software

Construction project scheduling software assists the project manager in the planning the tasks and scheduling of resources within construction project management. The planning and scheduling of resources in construction activities helps project managers, supervisors and engineers to complete the project in time and ideally under budget.

The role of Construction Project Scheduling in Construction Project Management

Construction project scheduling within construction project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, scheduling, leading and controlling the work of others and of using all available business resources to reach the stated goals within a given time frame.

Construction project scheduling also includes the managing and deployment of the resources available in the least possible time for the successful completion of the construction project. In construction project management, ‘Men’, ‘materials’, ‘machinery’ and ‘money’ are deemed to be resources.

A Brief Overview of the Functions of Construction Project Management:

Some of the functions of construction project management include:

(a) Project Planning

(b) Resource Scheduling

(c) Organizing Work

(d) Staffing Levels

(e) Directing Resources

(f) Controlling Costs and Resources

(g) Coordinating Work and Stages

(h) Construction Project Scheduling

The Importance of Construction Project Scheduling in Project Plans:

Construction project scheduling within construction projects is matching the approved work plans to a time frame. For the project team, it shows the duration and order of various construction activities. It deals with all aspects of scheduling and the when to do it tasks.

 Construction project scheduling and planning for all aspects of the construction process is a vital component in both the daily management and reporting of the project status.

Organizing Work:

The organizing aspect for a project manager is concerned with managing the total amount of construction work, assigning it to departments/sections and systematically managing various operations by delegating specific tasks to individuals via a project management system.

Staffing Levels:

Staffing levels within construction management is concerned with the supply of the right skilled people to each section / department leading to the successful completion of a construction project.

Controlling Costs and Resources:

A project manager or team will constantly review the work plan via project task software to check on the actual outcomes and to identify any deviation for correction through corrective measures. All costs associate to the resources will be monitored for project reporting.

Directing Resources:

This part of project management is concerned with training workers etc. to complete assigned tasks on time, supervising and measuring their work plus directing their efforts. It can also involve creating reports and feedback documents to achieve the desired results.

Coordinating Work and Stages:

This usually entails the use of a reporting system that can ensure document control plus coordinate the work of various departments and sections so as to have streamlined communication. A central system (project management software) will allow each section to aware of its role and flags any assistance required of others.